YKG Asset Management

Driven by the desire to build and regenerate

YK Group is an award winning team of planning and investment experts, motivated to deliver exceptional results through the integration of knowledge, technology and relationships.

Financial Analysis & Acquisitions

YKG provides detailed financial viability and in-house consultancy to deliver a return on investment.

Planning Advice & Feasibility

With integrated planning consultancy and project management, we are motivated to deliver short and long term results.

Risk Management & Legal Advice

Whether it be political, financial, programme, or occupational, we will help you assess the risks of investing.

YKG Assets

What we do.

YK Group utilize specialist knowledge and negotiation to unify different people towards a common goal, resulting in high-quality outcomes and financial remunerations. With a proven and streamlined approach summarised below, YK Group will manage and coordinate assets for you with our team of technical consultants on hand to give the best advice.

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